Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Miscellany: Recovering From The Holiday Weekend

Even though we're stationed in Germany (far, far away from our families and most of our friends), we're still American and we tend to act like it. We celebrated Thanksgiving this year for the first time as just a family. No extended family, no friends, just the three of us and the food we wanted and a stress-free day. It was a nice change. I am a master of the traditional Thanksgiving meal thanks to my mother and grandmother (my sisters and I could prepare the whole meal, including the turkey, by the time I was fourteen, and when I moved out on my own the first time, I hosted Thanksgiving alone; we've hosted twice since we've been married, and both times the majority of the meal prep fell to me) and the cooking and cleaning doesn't bother me. I won't lie, though, the people do. Last year, we had some incredibly ungrateful guests. I put my foot down the day after Thanksgiving last year and told my husband that unless I was the only one making the guest list, we would never host Thanksgiving again. People showed up three hours late and my husband, being the decent human being he is, waited for them. As a result, the turkey was dry, everyone was cranky by the time we got to eat, and the people I actually liked left as soon as their plates were empty. The worst part about that is that I couldn't even blame them.

This year, we kept it simple. Husband barbecued a brisket since he isn't a fan of turkey, I roasted an acorn squash, and we made a gigantic pot of cheesy garlic mashed potatoes. The kid, adventurous eater that she is, loved the veggies.

I managed to finish the draft of Please, Sir and even finished the cover, as I posted before. I'm in the carefully editing stages now, but it should be finished very soon. I'm proud of it. It's very me. I have the next project ready to start, too, and that one will be another romance with another slightly-unlikable heroine. I have a weakness for unlikable heroines. Scarlett O'Hara is probably my favorite. What a little brat. I love her so much.

Despite the fact that I am nearing thirty, my grandmother still sends me birthday money. I tried to make her stop about seven years ago, but there's no telling a Texas woman--and a former preacher, no less--what to do, especially if you're just a lowly granddaughter. We did negotiate a smaller amount, at least. Anyway, I put it to good use. I got the accessories kit I've been wanting for my Kindle (a sleeve and a light) and, most importantly, I bought Supertech and Morgan's Choice. Books are so much more exciting when they're presents, aren't they? I can't wait to start reading. I am a legitimate Greta van der Rol fangirl. (For the record, my birthday isn't for a few more weeks. Its proximity to Christmas led to my parents and grandparents overcompensating and I still celebrate it early.)

I am in the planning stages of a website redesign. Now that I've been doing this blogging/social media thing for about six months, I have a better idea of my voice and what I want to offer. I think the website is going to be divided into a section for writers and a section for readers.

Speaking of readers, I'm incredibly grateful for mine. Or, at least, incredibly grateful for Kindle shoppers who thought The Cowboy Next Door looked interesting enough to download. It has been on and off the top 100 contemporary romance lists on Amazon this last week--mostly on--and it has even cracked the top 1000 of all Amazon books. For a quickie little cowboy romance novelette, that feels pretty amazing to me.

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