Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Miscellany: Being Irresponsible... Responsibly

Here we are, beginning the last week of my vacation. I know by now that it doesn't look like I've been on vacation, but that's just because I tried to plan a little bit ahead when I decided to run away from "work" for a month. It may have been an impromptu decision, but I tried not to be totally irresponsible.

That's the point of this entry. See, I believe that everyone ought to be irresponsible at some point. Do something ridiculous just because you want to. But I don't believe that a moment--or a month--of irresponsibility should have negative long-term consequences.

If I had just abandoned all work for a month, didn't write or queue up any blog posts or set HootSuite up to occasionally post a tweet for me, my blog stats would be abysmal. Without blog traffic, I have pretty much zero visibility among self-published authors. And self-published--and small-print--authors are the ones I want to connect with here at this blog and on Twitter. I have slowly been developing this aspect of my "career" (oh, stop laughing, I'm trying) as a self-help resource for authors who are where I was last year, or who are maybe in the same place as me now but are looking for a slightly different take on it.

I desperately needed a break. But I didn't need one that would undo all of my work for the last year.

This is why I'm grateful for Blogger's settings that allow me to schedule posts and for HootSuite's software that allows me to schedule tweets. There's a lot of electronic help out there. I think I want to find more of it.

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