Saturday, July 7, 2012

SitRep Saturday: Being Strong

I'm not a novelist, not yet. I've only written two novel-length stories that I've shared, Star Wars fanfictions that weren't even that long (I think the longest was 80,000 words). I haven't quite developed those skills. It's something I'd like to work on, something I finally figured out how to work on, but for now, I plan to keep playing to my strengths. Short stories. I'm good at those, I think. Well, good enough and getting better. I'm comfortable with them and I'm confident with them.

So this week, I outlined and action-drafted a five-story anthology around the theme of getting what you want. They run the gamut from dark and desperate to cloying and romantic and I'm actually pretty proud of all of them. The stories have titles (Lost and Found on Burano Island, A Vision in Gray, Worth Fighting For, Burning Breakfast, and Damn, Sam) but the collection doesn't. I'll get there.

I was pretty productive this week. That feels good.

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