Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The End

Over a year ago, everything I read said that in order to be a successful self-published author, I needed to blog. I figured people knew what they were talking about, so I created this blog and fumbled around trying to turn it into something useful. I suspect I've succeeded a little bit, as my formatting posts were reasonably popular. I learned a lot and I met some great people.

But the time has come to end it.

To the fourteen of you who have subscribed: thank you. To the extra twenty-six of you or so who visit regularly: thank you, too.

I don't enjoy blogging. I've resisted that truth for over a year now, but the fact is there. Blogging was something I thought I had to do. I'm not sure of that anymore. The only thing I'm now convinced I have to do in order to be a successful self-published author is write good stories. Blogging cuts significantly into my writing time. It's not just the writing of the blog posts, it's the planning and the researching and the linking and the formatting and everything else that goes into reasonably well-put-together, intelligent blogging. It's exhausting. And for something that I don't really enjoy, it's far too much work.

Over the month of August, I hope to move everything important over to my website. When I'm finished, I'll either delete this blog, or leave it for posterity--I haven't decided yet.

Thanks for reading! And thanks for being part of my learning process!

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